International motor cargo transportation, freight forwarding ,
logistics, sea containerized shipment
NEW PHONE NUMBER +7 (812) 318-70-20
Наша компания начала производить ТО и ремонт импортных тягачей, полуприцепов BPW, ROR, SAF. Изготовление и ремонт тентов.

The company “Scandinavia”
188662, Leningrad region,
Vsevolozhsk area,
Murino village, Lesnaja St., h.7

Tel.:+7(812) 318-70-20,

fax:+7(812) 740-18-07

Motor cargo transportation by apt rolling stock at the territory of  Baltic States , Europe and Scandinavia.

The company "Scandinavia" fulfils motor cargo transportation  all over Europe and Scandinavia, Baltic States. We are engaged in cargo transportation since 2000. All shipping operations are carried out in general by trucks Scania. At Your service container grounds, refrigerator vans and other vehicles.

We transport small-size friable goods (in package). Cargo transportation through TIR Carnet, CMR и EX-1 is also possible (export declaration or the North passport). We transport dangerous cargo of ADR class. The company “Scandinavia” will deliver your cargo to any part of Europe, Baltic States and Scandinavia within the shortest deadlines. We only have experienced drivers working in our company with a great standing.

The company “Scandinavia” presents 2 structures:

-         International transportation department. It will transport and expedite Your cargo on-the-fly and qualitatively at the territory of Baltic States, Scandinavia and Europe (by motor transport or by sea);

-         Transport base. The park of proper trucks (mainly Scania + trailers with carrying capacity of 22 tons).

To work more successfully in the sphere of cargo transportation and to gain new partners we considered necessary to join AFRF (Association of Transportation Agents of the Russian Federation, registration number 281) and in future to join FIATA (Federation of International Associations of Transportation Agents). We are also an actual member of AIF (Association of International Forwarders) what let us carry out transportation with conditions of our proper TIR Carnets.

The company “Scandinavia” conducts forwarding services (including transportation of dangerous small-size goods), also provides help with clearance and insurance of cargo. For the working period our company hasn’t got any reprimands and rebukes and is one of the best ten firms transporter-forwarders.

Responsibility of a forwarder is insured at the insurance company “Balva”.

It is ending of building of the freight terminal for storage, ware housing and  integration of assorted lading with the whole area of  1,5 hectares in the district of  the village of  Novoe Devyatkino near the circular route.

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